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How do glass insurance claims work at ICBC?

ICBC Insurance Claims Explained by PayLess Glass in Langley

No matter how much you love your car, you won’t ride it to exhibit around the cracked spectacles and the damaged windshields, unless you know all the “how it works” criteria of resolving your vehicle insurance matters. The following guide can ease your ways in filing a glass insurance claim at ICBC:

Your vehicle’s Glass is Severely Damaged, Now What’s Next?

  • Attempt the given series in similar order as you make your claim:
  • Describe your application online or by calling Dial-a-Claim service via phone.
  • Inform complete details to the adjuster. Talk about the crash, liability, who went wrong, besides considering the Motor Vehicle Act road rules on the parallel sides of the discourse.
  • Calculate an approximate of the loss. It is the task of a certified estimator who will inspect the vehicle damage to prepare an estimated cost of repairs. The given estimation will assist the adjuster workings to evaluate the financial obligations for the wreck.
  • Now you can get your vehicle to a reputable auto glass shop to fix the unwanted issues.
  • If required, pay a deductible.

Has your Insurance Policy Enlisted Glass Damage Cover in Its Norms?

With an Autoplan Comprehensive coverage, half of your stress will be alleviated. The plan includes your vehicle’s injury or loss from:

  • Theft and Vandalism
  • Earthquake, Eruption, and Fire
  • Thrashing from objects flying or falling onto your car like a rock or ball
  • Getting hit by a domestic or wild animal
  • Natural accidents like windstorm, lightning, rising water, hail, etc.

Furthermore, the claim will not alter your existing discount level.

How to Repair Your Damage Glass?

ICBC Glass Insurance Claims Guidance at PayLess Glass

You can directly visit any ICBC approved glass express store for fixing damages in case of single windshield repair. If there are no glass stores nearby your place, then call Dial-a-claim telephonic service.

Factors to weigh before you call Dial-a-claim:

  • Severe damages
  • Vehicle’s age is more than 20 years
  • You own a Temporary Operation Permit or a Vehicle in Storage policy

After filing your claim, you may hold to visit the claim center to report a damage estimate before you take your vehicle for repair. Comprehensive insurance does not offer complete cover of the cost of windshield patch-ups.

What is a Deductible?

It is the expense you pay from your pocket in the starting for the repairs before your insurance claim covers the continuing cost. In case your vehicle’s windshield gets damaged by rocks or gravel, your deductible will be $200 only if you own a Comprehensive coverage with a $300 deductible. For other injury cases, you pay as per the Comprehensive coverage deductible, which you have purchased. Some variancesapply.

Broken glasses only intensify risk to the vehicle and its owner’s safety by increasing more chances of theft and accidents. Therefore, it is important to replace the glasses or windshields as soon as they lose their shape. Payless Glass is an ICBC Approved Glass Express Store that can repair all sorts of vehicle glass damages. Our professionals perform complete quality check testing before presenting the eventual outcomes. Contact us now for details.

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