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Vehicle Vandalism Prevention Tips To Follow This Christmas

Vehicle vandalism prevention tips by PayLess Glass

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way: Santa Claus is coming around, driving on a sleigh, hey!

Many people always expect Santa Claus to come around on every Christmas Eve, but who we don’t expect at all this holiday season are thieves.

Enjoy The Festivities – But Stay Alert

Jingle bells, Christmas tree, candy stocks, lamps, plum cakes and Christmas shopping always keep people enticed and distracted from the rest of the world, but this can be very dangerous and pricey at times! This is because crime always taints holiday season, and so there shouldn’t be any room for carelessness.

Payless Glass has compiled a list of some simple ideas for you to help you prevent car break-ins this December and make your Christmas celebration full of glee.

Add Safety to the List of Things You Do

  • Reading your environment in the parking lot or garage is the key to preventing car burglaries to a large extent. It’s important to park your car in well-lit areas and near the entrance of the malls or stores.
  • The next time you’re ready to press your wireless key fob to unlock your car doors, make sure you’re within door opening distance. This is an intelligent trick to keep thieves away from breaking into the car and hitting you.

This Season, Don’t Let Your Shopping Spree Be an Unfortunate Event!

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It’s the best time of the year again; the time for shopping for yourself and your loved ones. Although you are jolly during this festive season, you must never forget to be careful about preventing vehicle vandalism.

On the occasion of Christmas shopping, don’t end up giving a robber an occasion of a vehicle break-in. We will suggest you to:

  • Never leave valuables in open view in your vehicle; cover them in an unobtrusive way or lock them in a box, else you’ll be attracting unnecessary vandalism.
  • It’s better to bear the hassle of taking your valuables and newly bought possession along with you rather than putting them in the car.
  • If in any case, you happen to have extremely heavy baggage, then, use mall lockers to put purchases in until your shopping spree is done, to keep them safe and secure.

Avoid Being a Victim

An alarm system for your vehicle is equal to added safety. A burglar is unlikely to take the risk of setting off a vehicle alarm. So, such a safety product is good to go when it comes to protecting your valuables kept inside your car and glass vehicle from damage.

If you do not follow the right safety measures, you’ll end up letting a burglar do his dirty work. It’s awful to see people entering Payless Glass around Christmas to get glass replacement or windshield replacement done and lamenting over their lost possessions. So, this year, be prepared for preventing vehicle vandalism by having this safety measure list ready in your head before you begin your Christmas celebrations. Do all you can to avoid being a victim!

Merry Christmas!

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