Windshield Repair in Langley, BC

High-Quality Windshield Services for Our Valued Customers

Windshields take quite a beating on the highways and surface streets of Langley, BC. Windshield repair is inevitable. Fortunately, when you work with PayLess Glass, you have access to one of the region’s largest family-owned and -operated windshield services companies. We have over 40 years of combined experience and use our expertise to fix issues with our customers’ windshields quickly. Our government-certified technicians adhere to the Canadian Motor Vehicles Safety Standards and take great pride in their detail-oriented work. If you have minor damage to your windshield, don’t delay repairs. They can get worse.

Windshield Replacement Services in Langley, BC

When to Consider Windshield Replacement

We offer windshield repairs and replacements and will give you an honest assessment of which is best for your situation. In some cases, all you will need are some minor repairs. But other circumstances will require our team to replace your windshield entirely. In general, we can repair your windshield when repairs do not compromise your safety, the crack is shorter than 3 inches, or the bullseye is smaller than one inch or smaller than loonie size. We can also repair it if the damage is limited to the outer layer and isn’t near the outer margin. We need to replace your windshield in the following circumstances:

  • Poor Visibility: Driving safely should be your top priority. While small cracks will not hinder your ability to operate your vehicle safely, a bigger one will. If you cannot see out of any portion of your windshield, then you need to replace your windshield immediately.
  • The Size of the Crack: There are particular size guidelines to keep in mind when deciding between crack repair and replacement. You need a new windshield if the crack is longer than 6 inches. If you have a bullseye dent, do not drive if it is larger than three inches.
  • An Inner Layer Crack: This is called a stress crack, and we cannot repair it. If you can see a stress crack on the inside of your windshield, get in touch with our teamtoday. This interior layer is vulnerable and will not improve.
  • Damage on the Outside of the Windshield: We can usually repair windshield damage in or around the center of the windshield as long as the crack or bullseye isn’t too large. But if there is any damage on the corners or edges, we will need to perform a windshield replacement.

Why Choosing Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Is Key?

We pride ourselves on our ability to perform our responsibilities quickly and effectively. In many cases, we can repair a windshield in 30 minutes. If you are replacing it, you should expect roughly an 3 hours. We do not recommend you drive the vehicle for at least one hour after we finish the repairs or replace the windshield. We provide affordable, factory-adherent replacements . Most insurance compa is will only authorize after market parts unless you have OEM insurance coverages- talk with your insurance rep to see which is your best option.

Choose PayLess Glass for Windshield Repairs and Replacement

Our company emphasizes premium customer service. We make good on that promise by offering free quotes, competitive pricing, and prompt and friendly service. Perhaps more importantly, we can help you with your insurance claim to relieve some of the burdens from your shoulders. All we need from you is your insurance card, and we can handle all the pesky details. No matter what, you can count on our technicians to repair or replace your windshield to factory specifications. Contact us today for more information.

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