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First-Rate Windshield Replacement at PayLess Glass

Vehicle maintenance can feel like a hassle, and windshield replacement is no exception. However, maintaining a structurally-stable windshield is essential to the safety of your vehicle. That’s why the experts at PayLess Glass always recommend windshield replacement to fix even slight damage. Sometimes the damage is too significant for quick repairs, so we offer exceptional windshield replacement services. Don’t risk your safety when our Langley, BC shop has all the tools necessary to give you a safe and secure windshield.

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Exhaust Windshield Repair Options Before a Replacement

Windshield Replacement

At PayLess Glass, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. Many times that means we take every measure necessary to fix your windshield without performing a replacement. While our goal is to repair your windshield to the best of our ability, sometimes our technicians decide a replacement is the best way to keep your windshield safe. Whether you need a full replacement or think you may only require a few windshield repairs, give our technicians a call today.

You May Need Windshield Replacement If…

While our experienced technicians believe that repair is often preferable to a full windshield replacement, there are a few circumstances where replacement is inevitable. Common problems that will require a windshield replacement include extensive cracking and chipping. As a rule, cracks longer than three inches and chips bigger than a quarter mean a windshield replacement is in order. Damage to this extent can significantly hurt your windshield’s structural integrity, and it may not be able to hold up against another impact. Scratches in your windshield that make it difficult to see are also a reason for windshield replacement. Finally, if you’re worried that your windshield hasn’t been installed properly, you may need another replacement. The technicians at our Langley, BC shop can help you determine if your previous windshield replacement was done incorrectly.

Expect High Standards at PayLess Glass

Choosing PayLess Glass for your windshield replacement means you’re guaranteed certain quality-assurance protocols. We strive to provide each of our customers with the highest-quality materials along with the promise of safety. When you visit our Langley, BC shop, you can expect the following procedures:

  • We’ll cover your vehicle’s body and interior with a protective sheet of cloth or plastic.
  • We’ll remove windshield wipers to make removing the old windshield easier.
  • In addition to the old windshield, our technicians will remove any debris or excess adhesive.
  • Prior to installation, we’ll apply primer and bonding adhesive to the replacement windshield
  • Our government-certified technicians will install the replacement according to our quality
  • guidelines and the Canadian Motor Vehicles Safety Standards.
  • We’ll allow the newly-installed windshield to set for 60 minutes while the adhesive cures.
  • Before releasing your vehicle, we’ll thoroughly clean and sanitize the replacement windshield.


We’re Here for You Wherever You Need Us

At PayLess Glass, part of our mission is to be here for you whenever you need us. To meet this goal, we offer mobile windshield services in Langley, BC. When you utilize our mobile services, our technicians will come to you and perform a high-quality windshield replacement. If you need us to go to your home, workplace, construction site, or even the roadside, we can accommodate you. The type of vehicle you drive doesn’t matter either. Our experienced technicians can replace windshields in cars, trucks, vans, buses, and more, all without you having to visit our Langley, BC shop. The only factor that limits our mobile services is the weather. If your location is too hot or humid, we’ll need to reschedule. Our bonding glue can’t dry properly in these conditions, and safety is always our top priority at PayLess Glass. If outside conditions are an issue, bring your vehicle to our Langley, BC shop for windshield replacement.

Choose PayLess Glass for Your Windshield Replacement

The reasons to choose PayLess Glass are endless if you need windshield replacement. Our technicians are government certified and adhere to all safety standards put in place by the Canadian government and manufacturer’s policies. To best serve you and save you money, we offer all our customers help with insurance claims. Plus, our replacement services come with new wiper blades, an interior vacuum, and a one-year rock chip guarantee. We’re family-owned and -operated and have nearly 40 years of experience with auto glass. We’re among Langley, BC’s top choices in windshield replacement for our exceptional customer services and expert windshield replacement.

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