Auto Glass Repair Services in Langley, BC

PayLess Glass knows that while your windshield typically takes the brunt of a vehicular impact or encounter with flying road debris, your side windows and rear windows are vulnerable, too. When your vehicle’s other windows need repair or replacement, we are always here for you. Our government-certified auto glass repair technicians will perform whatever services you need with care and attention to detail and will help you file an insurance claim should your auto insurance policy include glass coverage. We’ll even give you a ride to work, school, or your home. Call our shop in Langley, BC, for a free quote on the side or rear window replacement or repair.

Side Glass Repair and Replacement in Langley, BC

Quality Side Glass Repair and Replacement

If your vehicle’s side glass is damaged or broken in an accident or break-in, having it replaced or repaired isn’t just nice, it’s necessary for the safety and comfort of yourself and your passengers. Working with PayLess Glass for your auto’s side window repair or replacement, you can rest assured your work will be completed using OEM replacement glass. In addition, our process includes:

  • Removal of all broken glass from your vehicle’s interior, including behind the interior door panel
  • Confirming that the replacement window fits properly into lifting track after installation, to ensure proper opening and closure
  • Cleaning of your vehicle’s interior, and replacement of the interior door panel

Don’t drive with the discomfort and embarrassment of a makeshift side auto glass repair. Get it done right, for the right price, at PayLess Glass in Langley, BC. Call now for a free quote.

Rear Auto Window Repair and Replacement

Your vehicle’s rear window is integral to ensuring your safety by allowing you to see the other drivers sharing the road behind you. Plus, it helps keep warmth or coolness within the confines of your vehicle on extremely hot or cold days. If your back glass has been damaged or broken, getting it replaced or repaired doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, or make you miss a day’s work. Just call PayLess Glass. Drop your vehicle off at our shop in Langley, BC, and we’ll give you a ride to work, school, or home. In the meantime, our government-certified technicians will get to work:

  • Preparing the vehicle for installation of the new window by placing protective cloths or plastic on exposed surfaces
  • Removing all traces of broken glass from inside the vehicle, along with the glue or gasket that held the broken window in place
  • Preparing the replacement glass by applying primer to the window and frame, and applying bonding glue to the outer edge
  • Installing the new rear window with the utmost care, using tools and technique endorsed by Canadian Motor Vehicles Safety Standards
  • Reconnecting integrated defrosting component wiring (if necessary)
  • Allowing at least 30 minutes for the bonding adhesive to cure before turning the vehicle back over to you

Your initial quote is always free, and your replacement rear window and side glass are guaranteed against manufacturer defects. Call or stop by today!

Get your RV Back Where It Belongs

Some auto glass repair shops in Langley, BC, may boast they work on all makes and models of vehicles, but draw the line when it comes to RV windows. PayLess Glass isn’t that kind of auto glass shop. Our technicians have the experience and expertise to handle any type of RV glass repair, no matter what the age of your vehicle. One call to PayLess Glass for a free quote, and you’ll be back to recreation in your motor home, camper van, camper truck, or fifth wheel in no time!

 “The friendliest, caring, professional company we’ve ever dealt with!” – Samantha M., Google



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