Premier Mobile Windshield Services in Langley, BC

At Payless Glass, we know you’re busy and hardly have time to schedule an appointment for windshield repair or replacement. To better accommodate you, we offer mobile windshield services. One of our experienced technicians in Langley, BC will drive to you and complete any repairs you may need. Mobile services will be charged up to $75-$150 pending on location and vehicle( some restrictions apply.) Payless Glass has options to pick up and drop off vehicles, as well as a free courtesy car available when your vehicle is covered by insurance( some restrictions apply to all.)

A lifetime warranty that covers manufacturer defects and leaks that aren’t due to body deterioration. Damage due to defects is repaired free of charge. This includes both windshield replacements and repairs for the duration of ownership within the BC province.

Whether the Auto glass damage is the result of an accident or a break-in, our technicians in Langley, BC are here to serve your windshield repair needs.

  • More Time Saved: Most windshield repairs take less than an hour and can be done at your home or business using our mobile services for an additional fee for mobile and weather permitting. That means you do not have to put your busy day on hold or your vehicle in the shop for extensive replacements. Our technicians will arrive on-site with the right parts, equipment, and technology to repair your windshield on, the same day. We’ll have you back on the road for all the errands, soccer games, or business appointments you can handle in no time. However, we do prefer to have your vehicle in our location to control the outside environmental conditions to work best with our products.
  • Free Repairs: If you have car insurance that covers windshield damage, your repairs could be free! Unlike windshield replacement, you would be responsible for paying NOTHING – not even the insurance deductible when you opt for repair service.- Some conditions apply
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Preservation: Most new cars and trucks are manufactured and fully equipped with ADAS as a standard. This family of safety systems, including adaptive light control, automatic braking, blind-spot detection, collision avoidance systems, and other components, allows your vehicle to automate and enhance its overall safety functions. They also alert you to potential problems and keep you out of accidents. Since many ADAS sensors are placed on your vehicle’s windshield, repairs help to preserve these systems and keep you safer out on the road requiring re-calibration.

Mobile Windshield Repair & Replacement Services

Mobile Windshield Repair & Replacement Services in Langley, BC

For nearly 40 years, the professionals at Payless Glass have performed mobile windshield repair and replacement services on a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, buses, RVs, and even construction equipment. Our highly-trained technicians have the knowledge, skillset, and specialized tools to repair or replace windshields on any vehicle type. If you can’t travel to us, we will come to you for optimal convenience. Weather permitting, we can perform mobile windshield replacement almost anywhere, including homes, offices, construction sites, accident sites, roadsides, schools, public parking lots, your favorite restaurant, and more. We’ll perform any needed windshield repair or windshield replacement for a competitive price. If due to uncontrollable circumstances (weather, type of parts, service needs, etc.) we can pick up your vehicle from your desired location and complete repair or replacement at our location in Langley.  We will drop your vehicle off at the location we picked it up. We do have options of leaving our courtesy car for your needs while we are working on your vehicle. (Some restrictions apply for courtesy car). Please note, A service fee will be charged for pick up and drop off of $75 per vehicle, on top of a charge for repair or replacement, plus taxes, a $150 fee for mobile services on top of the charge for repair and replacement, plus taxes.

Our Mobile Windshield Replacement Process

After one of our professionals will meet you at a predetermined location and provide you with a consultation before beginning any work, Payless Glass mobile windshield replacement begins with carefully removing your windshield so that no further damage occurs. Following the safe removal of your windshield, a windshield that matches the original will be selected for installation. An Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC)-approved adhesive will then be applied to the bonding surface of your vehicle. Then, your new windshield will be replaced following AGSC-recommended procedures.

Residential and Commercial Glass Services

Although our primary focus is on automotive glass, Payless Glass can also help with residential and commercial glass installation. If for some reason, we cannot fulfill your need in-house, we can refer you to a reputable residential or commercial glass specialist in the Lower Mainland area who provides quality work at fair prices. Contact us for a complimentary consultation on any of the following:

  • Single-glazed applications
  • Acrylic or polycarbonates
  • Tempered glass applications
  • Laminated glass applications
  • Wired glass applications
  • Security or bullet-proof glass applications
  • Insulated glass applications
  • Window tinting
  • Storefronts
  • Commercial windows
  • Residential windows

What is a calibration on a windshield?

The calibration process adjusts and tests all the cameras and sensors on the windshield to ensure they are still working properly after it is replaced.

ADAS safety systems to work properly, your windshield needs to be calibrated and aligned with your car’s numerous sensors and cameras. This can take up to an hour so please keep that in mind when booking your replacement service

Why Choose Us For Mobile Windshield Services?

If you’re wondering, why choose Payless Glass? We have the answers here. Not only do we offer our valued customers services that are prompt and efficient, but our professionals are kind and courteous. We are also locally-owned and -operated and make it a priority to give our customers the best price possible. Contact us today for more information or to request a quote.

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