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How to Get Sticky Tape Off From Glass Windows?

Removing Sticky Tape residue from Window Glass at PayLess Glass

Windows yield our homes with brightness, warmth, and ventilation. But obstinate tape residues can cast a shadow over the glass windows. Sometimes, masking sticky tape leftovers from your glass windows can take more time than you had prepared to invest. Although, there is nothing to worry! Roll up your sleeves and try one of the methods and solutions listed below, and make your window cleaning task a lot easier.

There are different alternatives and simple instructions to remove sticky tape residue, conceal tape leftovers, stickers, etc. Some of the chemical solvents and listed household items can be easily found in any house, so you will be able to locate everything you need in a short span of time.

Apart from windows, these three residue cleaning methods can also be used for car windows, different kinds of plastics, wood, walls, etc.

1. Chemical Solvents – There are various types of tapes, for example, duct, bondage, filament, masking and packing. While cleaning, these kinds of tapes can become vexatious. To make the process easier, try using a chemical solvent or one of the petroleum based products to remove the residue. The chemical products that you can use include paint thinner, mineral spirits, isopropyl, nail paint remover, etc.

2. White Vinegar – You can use mild acids such as white vinegar. They work well if the tape has been left on the glass for an extended period of time or has dried up swiftly due to intense sunshine. It will quickly remove the tape and residue. Wrap the glass with a soft cloth, dampened with a solution of white vinegar and water, and leave it for a couple of seconds. Further, dry and polish with a clean, fresh cloth.

3. Olive Oil – Olive oil and other vegetable oils, such as canola or sunflower oil can quickly, naturally, and easily get the tape off of your window glass. Apply a thin layer of olive oil with the help of a sponge on the area that has stubborn tape residue. Now, allow the oil to sit for a few minutes; once the oil has pierced the tape and adhesive, rub the area with non-abrasive scrub until the residue vanishes. Later, wash with soap water and hot water to clean the remaining residue.

Olive oil to remove tape off a window in Langley, BC

Olive oil can help remove tape off window.

Apart from these, there are other solutions to clean a glass window. For example, peanut butter, heat from a hairdryer, boiling water, baking soda, razor blades and WD – 40.


Picture of WP-40

Precautions to Consider Before Cleaning Residue Off Of Window Glass

Be careful while applying nail polish remover on plastic items, wood or painted parts near the window. The remover can melt the plastic, damage the paint and wood finishing.

No matter what method or solution you are going to employ, you must first test the method on a not so visible area of the glass window. When applying a chemical or household product, always begin with a small amount of solution, and later, apply more if required.

Last but not the least, take all the safety precautions when using chemical solvents. They can be toxic, and inhaling them for a long time can be harmful. Therefore, ensure the area is well-oxygenated.

The video below also provides guidence on how to remove tape off the glass:

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