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Fauna versus Vehicles

Rodents free Vehicle tips by PayLess Glass

Shocked to be greeted by a party of little critters under the hood of your car? And, now, dismayed to witness your half-chewed car engine? Looks like your worst nightmare has come true!

Vehicle’s Engine Compartment- Rodent’s Ideal Home

You would have heard about rodents causing destruction within the confines of a home often. However, not once you would have envisioned them making up a cosy rat retreat in the warmth of your automobile.

Unfortunately, a warm engine compartment is an inviting spot to rodents looking for a new nest. And yes, they wreak havoc to the vehicles. You would be scared to know that they nibble wires, rip out insulation for nesting supplies and squirrel away hoards of nuts and trash in vehicle engines. No doubt, this means that you’ve to pay a substantial sum of money (depending on the diligence of the pesky critters and the rates of the mechanic) to get your automobile into workable condition again.

Whatever car you own, wherever you park it, you must know that rodents don’t discriminate. A luxury car is as much at risk as a mini car; similarly, a car parked in a covered and locked indoor garage is as prone to a rodent attack as one on the street outside.

Health Risks from Rodents’ Infestation

Apart from risks to your vehicle, this type of infestation carries with it risks to your health. If you are exposed to rodent droppings or nest materials, you are likely to be infected with the Hantavirus. In about 50% of the cases, Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome poses a danger to life.

This guide is about preventing rodents from burrowing in your precious vehicle. It’s time we show you how your car can win against fauna. Following are some of the popular techniques to prevent bedlam caused by the vicious wildlife animals. Hopefully, one or more measures would work for you.

Here are the Tips

Safe Parking Spots

Parking garage tips by PayLess Glass

Source: Pixabay

When you’re going to leave your automobile unattended for a long time, you must avoid parking in rodent-friendly zones, such as woody areas or grassy areas. Gravels and pavements make for safe parking spots.

Vacuum Your Car

If you have the habit of eating in your vehicle, ensure to vacuum up the food crumbs regularly. It is advisable to remove food containers, empty beverage glasses and cracker packages from your vehicle; else these items would welcome rats, mice and squirrels.

Pop the Hood

Rodents prefer dark and warm places instead of bright residences. So, the next time you park your car, don’t forget to pop the hood. This is one simple and potentially successful tip to follow.


Fill nylon bags or two socks with mothballs, and hang them in the engine compartment, away from any moving parts. You can also put a container of mothballs underneath your vehicle at night.

Sound Repellent Devices

Rodent Repellents Devices in Langley, BC

Sound Repellent Devices

The latest development in rodent repellents is the sound repellent devices. Choose one of these electromagnetic devices to scurry away rodents from your car or truck.


Spray your car engine with peppermint oil, powdered fox urine, used cat litter, cat hair, dog hair or red pepper. These solutions or substances are hated by rodents, and thus, help in keeping them away.


Tips to Keep Rodents Off Your Vehicle in Langley, BC

rodent trap

Finally, you can set traps inside the automobile to clench any rodents that enter. Shun glue traps since they torture the rats. Try to control rats with snap traps instead.

Last but not the least, if you can’t park an automobile indoors, you must set up an aluminium perimeter around the base as an actual barrier. A research for protecting fields from mice showed that mice were unable to scale the metal.

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