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How To Fix Your Leaking Sunroof?

Leaking Sunroof Repair in Langley, BC

Simple Steps for Fast Sunroof Leak Repair in Langley, BC

Stop Your Leaky Sunroof with PayLess Glass

The sunroof in your car is an envious feature that other drivers wish to have. Nothing could ruin your driving experience under a sunroof other than a leak. Our experts at PayLess Glass will help you get back on the road in Langley, BC with sunroof leak repair tips. A leaking sunroof is an inconvenience that can damage your car’s interior. Ensuring that the inside of your vehicle remains clean and dry is vital to prevent mold growth and unwanted odors. Quickly stop your sunroof from leaking today so you can stay comfortable when you drive.

Know the Signs of a Leaking Sunroof

A leaking sunroof doesn’t always mean water is dripping directly onto your head. If you notice that your vehicle’s interior is abnormally wet after a rainstorm or car wash, then it is likely that there is a problem with your sunroof. Regularly inspect the interior floor mats, seats, and ceiling for water damage symptoms when you drive your car. The primary warning signs of a leaking sunroof include:

  • Water Drops or Trickles — Inspect the sunroof area to see if there are internal drops or streams of water.
  • Stained Overhead Fabric — The headliner of your car surrounds the sunroof. Checking to see if there are water stains on the fabric is an excellent preventative method.
  • Musty Smell — Not only is a musty smell unpleasant, but it is a huge indicator that there are excess amounts of water in your car.
  • Mould Spores — Mould grows in damp environments. When the fabric of your car seats or carpet has been exposed to water frequently, mould begins to wreak havoc.
  • Water Spots — Water spots can show up just about anywhere inside your vehicle. If there are water spots present with no other cause, then it is likely that your sunroof is leaking from the outside.
  • Cracked or Broken Glass — The sunroof’s glass may be damaged if a rock or other object has fallen on your car. Your sunroof may need auto glass repair or replacement to stop water from entering your vehicle.

What to Do When Your Sunroof Is Leaking

Aside from cracked glass, the most common cause of a leaking sunroof is blocked drainage holes. Your car remains outside for most of its life and is regularly exposed to nature’s elements. Leaves, dirt, and other debris can get into the sunroof drainage system. This prevents water from correctly draining away from the roof. Instead of being directed away, the water pools in the channels and leaks into the vehicle. To stop your sunroof from leaking, follow these easy steps:

  1. Inspect the Sunroof — Open up your sunroof and locate the drain holes in the front corners. Look inside the drains to see if there is any blockage. You might notice standing water around the edges, indicating that the water cannot filter out through the drain tubes.
  2. Vacuum the Drain Holes — For this step, you will need to use a powerful shop vacuum. It is essential that you do not try to use a coat hanger, pen, stick, or anything else to clear the blockage. This will only push the debris further into the tube and cause further damage. Use the shop vacuum to pull the debris from the drains. The vacuum can also be used to clean the channels along the edges of the sunroof.
  3. Snake the Drainage System — If the vacuum does not entirely remove the blockage, you can use a drain snake to loosen up the dirt and grime. When snaking the drain, use care and do not push the snake too deep. The snake is only used to break the clog up and not remove it.
  4. Repeat Steps Two and Three — After the snake breaks up the debris, use the shop vacuum again to remove the remaining grime. You can alternate between suctioning and snaking the drains until the tubes are clear.
  5. Contact Our Professionals — Blocked drains cause most leaking sunroofs. However, there could be a more significant issue contributing to the leak. If you have vacuumed and snaked the drains but your sunroof is still leaking, bring your vehicle to us, and we will identify and solve the problem.

Stay Dry, Repair Your Leaking Sunroof  Today

Our experts at PayLess Glass want you to be comfortable, safe, and dry when driving in Langley, BC. Sunroof leak repair can be as simple as clearing out the drainage system, but other times it requires more extensive work, such as a sunroof window replacement. Our auto glass repair and replacement experts understand the importance of uncompromised glass, accurate installation, and effective window drainage systems. When water finds its way into your vehicle, we can stop it. Contact us today to keep your car’s interior safe and dry.


Fix a Leaking Sunroof in Langley, BC

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