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How to Clean and Protect Your Car’s Windshield, Right from Your Backyard?

Windshield Cleaning Tips by PayLess Glass

Let’s admit it; our car is a commodity that is very precious to us. Your car provides you with great rides; you love it and want to take good care of it. For car maintenance purposes, you get your car professionally washed from time to time. But your car’s windshield gets dirty quickly.

Since it is not feasible to go to a car wash every couple of days just to clean the windscreen, it is important that you learn simple and effective ways to clean and protect your vehicle’s windshield, right on your own.

These couple of auto windshield cleaning tips can get you started:

Get Sparkling Clean Auto Windshield Hassle-Free

Auto Glass Cleaner

There are millions of different auto glass cleaners on the market. Pick your favorite one! But remember not to choose any auto glass cleaner with harsh chemicals such as ammonia or alcohol. Rely on eco-friendly auto glass cleaners, so you do not harm your health by inhaling the toxic fumes. If you are smart enough, you will prefer an auto glass cleaner that does not leave any streaks or residue or damage the windshield surface.

Glass Cleaning Microfiber Towel

Car Windshield Cleaning and Protection in Langley, BC

Car Glass Cleaning with Microfiber Towel

Stop cleaning your car’s windshield with paper towels and pieces of newspapers! You must use a microfiber towel for auto glass cleaning to avoid scratching your windshield. Moreover, a glass cleaning microfiber towel will absorb water well, leave no residue and pick up dirt easily. Ensure you have enough clean towels; so that you can wipe the surface clean with one towel and buff the surface to a residue-free shine with another one.

Clean Windshield in the Shade

When you have both of the above ingredients with you, there is one precaution you must take: of working in the shade. If you spray the cleaner on your auto windshield in very hot conditions or direct sunlight, you will surely make a bigger mess. This is because the liquid that you will spray on the windshield will evaporate quickly before the microfiber towel even touches the glass, and leave spotty residue too on the glass. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

Buffing Motion

When cleaning, auto windshield, your motive should be to clean half of the windshield first. You should wipe the glass clean with straight vertical wipes, instead of wiping in circular motions. Start from the center, coming towards the side of the windshield you’re standing on. Next, you must begin a horizontally-oriented wipe down. After you’ve finished cleaning one side of the windshield, you must repeat the whole vertical and horizontal process to clean the other half. Don’t forget to get into the corners along the edges of your car’s windshield with your towel.

Proper Care for Windshield Wipers

Of course, after your windshield’s big pampering day, you don’t want to be afraid of letting your windshield wipers make contact with your windshield. So, make sure that you wipe down your windshield wipers by using white vinegar and a damp cloth. Vinegar is a great agent to help capture all the stubborn debris from the blades. If your wipers don’t improve, you must get new wiper blades. Also, your wiper cowl needs cleaning once in a while! Keep wiper cowl area free of grime to reduce the amount of debris on your blades.

Say Yes to a Safe Windshield

Just like an unclean windshield, a chipped or dinged windshield can distract the driver or even impair his/her vision. Don’t get caught operating a vehicle with a windshield that impairs your vision in British Columbia. Payless Glass has trained technicians that can fix a windshield in about 15 – 30 minutes, depending on the degree of damage. Let us repair a chip or crack that obstructs your line of vision.
If you have no choice other than windshield replacement, Payless Glass can replace your windshield to manufacturers’ safety standards. With every windshield installation, Payless Glass offers you one-year free rock chip repairs.

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