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Car Washing Tips

Car Washing Services in Langley, BC

Car Washing Tips to Maintain Your Langley, BC Vehicle

PayLess Glass’s Home Car Wash Tips for A Professional Clean

The professional auto care experts at PayLess Glass can help you keep your car looking great in Langley, BC. Our car washing tips allow you to give your vehicle the professional clean it deserves, right from the comfort of your home. Not only will washing your car keep it looking new, but it is a great way to inspect the exterior. You can look for scratches, rust, paint chips, or glass damage as you wash away dirt and grime. This preventative technique will help you catch rear window damage or other external problems before they become significant. With regular cleaning and inspection, you can maintain your car’s health and beauty.

Why Should I Wash My Car at Home?

The convenience of automatic car washes is enticing to any vehicle owner. Unfortunately, the convenience may not be worth the potential harm they can cause. Washing your car at home is the most effective way to clean your vehicle, save money, and prevent exterior or windshield damage. You will control the amount of care, water quality, and products used. The potential downsides of using automatic car washes include:

  • Recycled Water — Automatic car washes often recycle the water, which is great for the environment, but not awesome for your car. The recycled water retains dirt and other chemicals from previous washes, which is ineffective for removing your car’s dirt and grime.
  • Harmful Chemicals Automatic car washes often use chemicals that are too strong or weak. If the soap is not safe for your vehicle’s paint, it can cause the paint to fade or chip.
  • Incomplete Clean The machines used are designed to wash every vehicle the same way. It is incapable of cleaning every nook and cranny of your unique car.
  • More Expensive The price of an automatic car wash may be affordable, but if any damage occurs to your vehicle, the facility is not held responsible. The repair costs will come straight out of your pocket, making it the most expensive car wash you’ve ever had. When you wash your car yourself, you ensure no harm is done.
  • No Inspection Since a machine washes your car, no one inspects your car for exterior damage. You don’t receive the preventative maintenance aspect of cleaning your vehicle yourself.
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Give Your Vehicle a Good Rinsing Before Applying Soap.
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Important Tips for Car Wash Care

Washing your car is beneficial for both you and your vehicle. Your car will be squeaky clean, and you will have excellent visibility with your clear windshield, windows, and mirrors. Before washing your car, make a mental list of the critical steps, gather your supplies, and ensure you have ample time. When road grit, mud, bugs, and bird droppings are present, you’ll need to spend more time on these concentrated areas. For a thorough clean, follow these car washing tips:

  • Wash Regularly — Vehicle owners usually wait to clean their car until it is deemed dirty enough. However, your car should really be cleaned once a week. The car’s body accumulates dirt, grime, and chemicals every day. The longer these composites are present, the more damage they do to the paint.
  • Avoid Sun — When the car’s body is hot, the soap and water will dry significantly faster, leaving soap spots and streaks on the surface. Washing your car in the shade protects you and your vehicle from heat.
  • Use Car Specific Soap — The soap you use can be beneficial or harmful to your vehicle. You should never use household cleaning products to wash your car. Auto shops and service centers sell soap designed for cars. They are formulated to provide a deep clean without stripping the wax, clear coat, or paint.
  • Wash in Sections — If you soap up your entire vehicle at once, there will be areas that dry before you can get to them, leaving soap marks. Choose a section, start from the top, and work your way down to avoid rewashing. Washing and rinsing in sections will allow you to focus on the more challenging areas.
  • Use Microfiber Towels — Regular towels do not totally remove dirt and grime. Microfiber towels have ridges that collect fine particles. They are also gentle on your vehicle’s surface, making them great to dry off your car after the final rinse.

Wash Your Car Like the PayLess Glass Experts

Since 1980, PayLess Glass has provided professional auto glass services while sharing expert car care advice. By following our car washing tips, your Langley, BC vehicle can maintain its gorgeous shine for years to come. Our family-owned business is a resource that local vehicle owners can trust. Whether you want to know the best way to clean your windshield, or your car needs a new side-view mirror, our professionals are available six days a week to assist you. Contact us today to care for your vehicle the expert way.

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