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Car Washing Tips

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Even if your vehicle is not brand new you can keep it looking like new by washing it regularly. As simple as that sounds, we don’t always have time to give our car the attention it deserves. In other words, splashing water on it from a hose and adding some soapy water is not the same as giving your car a good washing. To get you prepared for your next wash, here are some tips:

1 – When To Wash It

If you’ve been following the old rule of thumb that your car doesn’t have to be washed until it is dirty enough to need it, it’s time you changed it up. Your vehicle should actually be washed once a week. You may get away with once every two weeks now and then, but weekly is best. The reason why you should wash your car often is that the longer dirt and grime stay on the vehicle, the more damage it does to the paint.

2 – What To Watch For

Car Scratches repair by PayLess Glass

Car Scratches Could Go Unnoticed Without Regular Washing. Image Source: Flickr

When you wash your vehicle it will be the only time you get to give it a really careful up close examination. This is important because you will be able to identify chips in paint, scratches and other damage that would go unnoticed without regular washings. There are other things to look for while you’re at it. Tree sap, dead bugs and animal droppings all contain acidic chemicals that can really mess up the exterior of your car as they will burn through the finish and paint.

3 – What To Wash With

Specially formulated car washing soaps are available at many auto parts or service centers. They do not contain harmful chemicals that can damage the finish and paint on your vehicle. Only use these types of soaps and nothing else. To rub the soap into those hard to clean spots use a washing mitt designed for this purpose.

It will not scratch but will be firm enough to provide a good rubbing surface. A brush may come in handy for wheels and tires and don’t switch out the brush or mitt. Also, use tire cleaning soap for the harder to clean tires. To dry your vehicle a chamois will do the best job. It will also allow you to remove any excess soap residue although a proper car washing soap should leave none.

4 – How To Wash It

Car Detailing in Langley, BC

Give Your Vehicle a Good Rinsing Before Applying Soap.
Image Source: Pixabay

To remove debris before soaping and scrubbing it is important to give your vehicle a good rinsing. Then, starting from the top and working down, scrub away. Focus on small, hard to get at locations and repeat the rinsing, washing and rinsing cycle until the entire vehicle has been scrubbed over. The idea is to take your time so you don’t miss anything.

After you have finished your final scrubbing, give the vehicle a final and thorough rinsing. To dry the vehicle use either a chamois or a clean soft towel. Driving it around the block to air dry it just leaves behind hard water spots you’ll want to scrub out later. Pay particular attention to the glass and use a car glass cleaner for both the inside and outside to remove all marks. For more information about auto glass, give us a call or stop in to see us at Payless Glass.


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