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Windshield Rock Chip Repair & Wiper Care

Windshield rock chip repair in Langley, BC

After a certain point of driving, one realizes that a windshield is not just a piece of glass at the front of your car, it is a safety equipment.

Yes, a windshield protects a driver, and everyone else inside a car from all sorts of particles and debris flying in the air, and at the same time allows the driver to see where he/she is driving.

Flying objects are very dangerous, given how they come towards the car at an extremely high speed. The only thing that stands in between the driver and a potentially dangerous situation is the car’s windshield.

Windshields take a load of battering by shielding people inside a car. This makes them very susceptible to getting damaged by objects such as rock chips.

These rock chips can cause cracks on your windshield, and cracked windshields are dangerous and cause nuisance to drivers and car owners. Apart from making your windshield look terrible, they can compromise the driver’s vision and also lead to bigger cracks over time.

It is also very important to ensure that a driver’s vision isn’t compromised. A crucial statistic to second this statement is that 90 percent of driving decisions are based on the driver’s line of vision. Therefore, a car’s wipers are equally important as the windshield itself. As the windshield shields the people inside a car, the wipers help in ensuring that the driver can continue to maintain a clear vision while driving.

Since the windshield and wipers are continuously in application, it is essential to ensure that they are always functioning smoothly. Minor windshield damages can be easily repaired by the professionals, while measures can be taken to keep a wiper working smooth and efficiently.

Our experts at Payless Glass have put together a step-by-step DIY guide on how to repair windshield rock chip cracks.

• Get a windshield repair kit online or from a departmental store near you. A quality DIY windshield repair kit will contain the following – a resin tube or container, a syringe barrel, a pedestal, an adhesive seal, a curing film, and a razor.

• Carefully remove the rock chip using something sharp and slim. A bulletin board pin or something similar would be ideal.

• Use the same pin to clean out the area of any dirt particles or glass bits. Ensure that you don’t wet the area, so avoid using water or any liquid to clean.

• Remove the peel of the seal and mount it on the cracked area. Ensure that the small opening on the seal is placed right where the crack is, such that the crack area is exposed. Apply pressure around the crack to ensure that the seal is well stuck.

• Remove the peel from the other side of the adhesive, which is the side facing outside.

• Stick the pedestal on the adhesive and ensure that the two are superimposed perfectly. Double-check that the pedestal is firm and secure.

• Squeeze the resin tube into the pedestal. Squeeze as much as you can into it and just leave a little bit for later.

• Connect the syringe into the pedestal and ensure that it is firmly placed. If the syringe comes with a pin, put the pin in.

• Once this is done, pull out the plunger slowly to allow all the air trapped inside to escape into the syringe. Let the syringe sit in vacuum position for about 10 minutes to allow ample time for the air to escape.

• If your syringe comes with a pin, then remove it and let air into the syringe. After a few seconds or so, put the pin back into the syringe.

• Push the plunger of the syringe down. You may have to apply a little extra force but ensure that the plunger goes down completely.

• Let the syringe sit in that exact position for about 20 minutes approximately, and then remove it.

• Using the razor, carefully slide it under the adhesive and remove the entire setup, including the adhesive seal and the pedestal.

• Once the setup is removed, notice that the crack has been filled. But a small pit will still be left. Use the remaining resin to fill up the pit.

• Cover the area with the curing film and let it sit for a few minutes. The sunlight cures the resin. Then, gently remove the film using the razor.

• Wipe the area with a clean cloth to remove any leftover debris.

• Notice how the crack seems to have disappeared.

• You have yourself a new-looking windshield, without any crack.

The DIY guide has also proven to be very effective not just for windshield rock chip crack repairs, but also for various other minute windshield cracking problems. Remember, though, that these steps will only be applicable for small and minor cracks.

We have also put together a list of measures that you can take to maintain your windshield wipers. These tips can go a long way in helping you drive safer, especially on those rainy or snowy nights.

• Turn off wipers before you switch off the car engine.

• Never use wipers on a dry windshield. If the windshield is dry and needs to be cleaned, switch on the water nozzle first.

• In snowy weather, leave the car engine on for a few extra minutes before driving, to defrost frozen wipers. If it doesn’t melt completely, scrape off the remaining ice. This is important because snow causes your wipers to stick to the windshield, and putting it on in that state can cause it to snap.

• Always clean the base of your windshield every few days. After snow or rain or dusty conditions, it is wise to pop out the wipers and clean the base of the windshield after every few days to prevent your wipers from getting stuck or your windshield getting scratched.

• Wash your windshield and wipers regularly. Despite your wipers cleaning the windshield, there always seems to be some stubborn stains that refuse to come off. Ensure that you clean such stains. While you are at it, make it a point to clean the wipers too, especially the rubber.

• Change your wiper blades every six months with Payless Glass. Buy the best wiper blades from us.

Wipers can be used up to its maximum potential with a little bit of care and maintenance. These wiper care tips will help you ensure that you use your wipers efficiently and wisely.

Windshields and wipers, as highlighted above, are crucial for the safety of the people in a car. Therefore, it is important to ensure that they remain in their prime conditions. It is also important to get quality checks done through professional help every once in a while. For your complete windshield care, look no further than Payless Glass. We also provide free rock chip repair services for a year with every windshield installation.

Call us for quick and efficient windshield and wiper services.

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