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How To Fix Your Leaking Sunroof

Leaking Sunroof Tips by PayLess Glass

Summertime is cruising time. The open road awaits and adventures abound. Well, this is until you get a few kilometers down the road and your sunroof starts dripping in on you and your clean vehicle interior. How on Earth can this be happening? It’s a sunroof!!!

Well, as it turns out, we see a number of customers each year, at about this time, with what appears to be a leak in their sunroof. In actuality though, chances are, it’s not a leak at all but a clog. It is really as simple as that – the drain tube that is part of your sunroof frame is plugged with gunk.

We’ll walk you through it and in about 20-minutes you’ll be back on the road and dry. But first, you will need a couple of tools from around your home or shop. The main item is a shop vac or portable vacuum cleaner of some kind. You’ll also need a tiny flexible snaking tool.

Step 1 – Identify The Location

This part sounds easy and it really is. All you need to do is pop open the sunroof. The front corners should have drain holes in them. When they are functioning properly they send moisture through drain tubes that go through the pillars in the car doors to the rocker panels.

When they get clogged up with debris water pools and eventually drips into the interior of your vehicle. After you have found the drain holes, take a close look at them. If they are stuffed with dirt and grime, this will be the problem you need to fix to stop the dripping.

Step 2 – Cleaning The Drain Holes

We suggest you use a shop vac for this job for a good reason, it will do a better job of removing the clog than anything else. Do not use a coat hanger, pen or anything else to ‘poke’ the clog out of the drain hole as that may force it further into the drain tube. This can create a larger problem.

With the vacuum and a tiny attachment, suck out the debris. It may also be a good time to run the vacuum along the channel your sunroof sits on in the roof of your vehicle to clean it out completely. Do not use compressed air either as you may disconnect the drain tube.

Step 3 – In Case Step 2 Fails

On the offhand chance that vacuuming does not completely dislodge the debris clogging your sunroof drain holes, carefully use a tiny flexible snake. You could use a small diameter cable that you can get at a bike or auto parts shop for just a few dollars.

Gently push the snake into the drain hole to break up the debris plugging it. Do not push the flexible cable deeply, just use it at the entrance of the hole to try to separate the clog into smaller pieces. Whatever you are able to pull apart you can vacuum. Repeat until the clog is removed.

Step 4 – The Last Resort

If the work you have put into removing whatever is clogging the drain holes in your sunroof does not work, you have one more choice. The stuff plugging up the drain holes is likely part of a bigger problem. This is when you need to see the professionals at Payless Glass for assistance.

Fix Damaged Sunroof at PayLess Glass

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