Auto Windshield Replacement Langley

Windshield damage is a typical occurrence that is generally due to flying rocks along with other airborne debris. It is not difficult to dismiss what looks like an insignificant cosmetic issue, and also you may believe that getting a traffic citation is probably the worst possible consequence of driving with a cracked windshield. Police and safety professionals disagree. They already know the risks of driving a car with windshield damage are severe, as well as life threatening. If you need an auto windshield replacement in Langley, you can trust the professional glass experts at Payless Glass to make the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently, getting you and your vehicle back on the road.

At Payless Glass, we are a family owned and operated full service glass business that provides the most affordable and reliable auto windshield replacement in Langley, and throughout the entire region. When it come to your safety and the safety of your passengers, we never cut corners, and we always follow your vehicle’s manufacturer’s instructions regarding any type of work that we perform on your car. If you’re unable to come to us, we will happily come to you, and have your windshield repaired in no time. All of our work is guaranteed, and our new windshields come with a one year rock chip warranty. We service all types of vehicles, including off road vehicles and RV’s.

If a windshield is actually intact, it can help transport the power of a front end collision down to the chassis. This decreases the impact felt within the automobile and also helps defend the passengers. In case your car’s windshield is actually cracked and it shatters during a collision, you and other occupants are more at a higher risk of sustaining injuries. An undamaged windshield adds essential structural support which can hold a car’s roof from caving in if the automobile flips over. A crack in the glass is able to weaken the windshield, and in case it breaks and the the roof is actually crushed, the occupants might be severely injured.

In case the occupants’ seat belts are not fastened when a collision takes place, the windshield is able to keep them from being forcefully thrown from the automobile. A windshield with a small crack or chip which shatters on impact does not offer any protection. In most automobiles, the windshield is a vital component in the appropriate deployment of the passenger side airbag. Whenever a collision triggers deployment, the windshield is actually the backstop that makes the airbag inflate back to the passenger. The power of an airbag deployment is able to shatter a cracked or chipped windshield, causing great physical harm.

If you would like some additional information regarding the importance of our auto windshield replacement in Langley, Payless glass would like to invite you to visit our website. At, you can schedule a free quote with no obligation, directly on our home page. You can also call us at 604.449.9502, and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members.

Auto Windshield Replacement Langley
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